—Kirrin press features, UKIP viral fame, & more

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  • Frome Times coverage: “Suzy and Neil will read some extracts…and try to explain how they are still married despite writing a book together. Come and talk with them about childhood freedom, fiction, reality and nostalgia, and awful ads of 1979…Enjoy some wine and refreshments, including home-made ginger beer (of course)…”.

The notorious UKIP flyer: Suzy’s 15 mins of fame

  • As explained by the BBC: “A UKIP campaign leaflet went viral for the wrong reasons when it was given the red pen treatment by an English teacher who spotted more than a dozen errors. Suzy Howlett set to work with a red marker pen after receiving the leaflet through her door in Frome, Somerset…”. More here!

Little Things article: Blyton in a ‘Woke’ Era

  • Suzy’s piece for Little Things magazine: “…I devoured the adventure and school stories as a child, and also read them to my own son and daughter as they grew up in the nineties. As a child, those Enid Blyton characters were my friends. I couldn’t resist sharing them with my own children. It’s one of the best bits…but I did blink about it, because I’m a teacher who works in Equalities and my job often involves challenging racist behaviour. How do I reconcile that one?” More here.

Why is India in love with The Famous Five?

  • Suzy’s article on Blyton’s curious Subcontinental popularity: “I loved reading Blyton adventures as a child living in an English village, and dreaming of having an island I could go to with no grown-ups to get in the way. I still get a thrill when I so much as hear a seagull and a wave or two. But Enid Blyton adventures were also tremendously popular in India, and still are – even today. Why?…” More here.