—Return to Kirrin: by Suzy & Neil Howlett

Did you enjoy all those Enid Blyton books featuring Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy the dog? If you did, and you are now grown-up, this is written for you!

The Five were, of course, a famous bunch of cousins with the marvellous Kirrin Island to enjoy. This witty and clever novel is set in 1979, and the Kirrins are now grown-up forty-somethings. Margaret Thatcher has just become Prime Minister, and Ford Capris rule the roads. Smooth, successful entrepreneur Julian has big plans for Kirrin Island, but needs to convince Dick, Anne and especially George – not an easy job! George is as fierce and independent as ever, despite her teenage son. Her dog, Gary, is not at all like dear old Timmy! Anne has a ‘perfect’ marriage and rather “unusual” twins, including Johnny, who speaks only in advertising jingles of the late 1970s. Dick is still seeking success and the love of a good woman.

Of course there will be temper tantrums, awkward children and mysterious lights at sea, but serious danger and old political secrets threaten the cousins, and events soon take on a much wider significance. Touching, humorous and affectionate, this novel will delight anyone who wonders how their favourite characters might have grown up and coped in a changing world. Can adults ever really dip their toes into childhood rock pools?

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